Finishing At The Foundry

The casting of John Turner is actually featured on Bridgette Mongeon’s main website. Check out
Preparing to Sculpt
Making a Mold
The Wax
Casting and Metal
Delivery and Installation

Also: This is a sculpture created of John Turner for the city of Frisco. The entire project is documented on a project blog at

Making a bronze statue. Step by step.

We have watched John and his dog go through the casting process now it is time for the finishing process.  I work closely with Miguel Macias .  This part of the process takes a few visits. I go over the sculpture carefully marking any blemishes. Then Miguel painstakingly goes over the sculpture grinding, bending and finishing portions.

Finally it is patina day. To patina the sculpture Miguel heats up each area and applies different chemicals to cause the metal to have a chemical reaction.  It is a long process and I often will stay the day, or morning while they are working on the piece. A final coat of wax is put on to protect the sculpture and we make arrangements to pic up John and his dog.

It has been a long journey to here but I’m thrilled with the end results.

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