Free videos on marketing, business and public relations

With the help of my wonderful apprentice Caroline and my intern Hannah, we will be putting together a series of free videos on marketing. We are committing to one a month with the first coming out in March. These are from the workshops that I have presented over the years.

I know, why give them away? Well I’m pretty excited about creating video and I am also one of those people who loves to help others. Who knows, maybe more bookings for speaking engagements will come from putting them out there. Either way, people will be encouraged and inspired and that seems to be something that really turns me on!

What will they contain? Who are they for?

My workshops have always been geared toward small businesses, and those who want to “make a living while living a dream”— artist’s, writers, musicians. I write business articles for several magazines and am absolutely hooked on marketing and Public Relations.

It will be step by step videos. Watch the March video and follow the steps, then move on to the April video and follow those steps. I’m also going to open up the forum on this website to answer questions and help individuals through their difficulties or uncertainties when it comes to each monthly video. Stay tuned.

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