Getting Ready For a Playdate With Jenna

For the next two weeks I will be working on the new sculpture of Jenna, please see previous posts. Tomorrow we will be picking up her armature in Austin. Then this weekend begins the process. Though I welcome the apprentices help. I think I will ask everyone not to come to the studio in the next few days, so that Jenna and I can have some quality time. I expect by this time next week she will be close to being finished. Yes, this is a quick turn around for a life-size sculpture.

The photographs are xeroxed and enlarged
I have Jenna music sent by her parents
I have her beautiful dress and some of her toys.

Jenna’s grave site service was last weekend. It is appropriate that we should begin to bring that angel to life through this work of art. A creative endeavor made possible through the love and assistance of her family. The play date is set!

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