Getting Started- A Floor

With a rolling base and a great looking floor, we
are well on our way to the beginning of this project. 

When you have many interns on a project, there are multiple things happening at the same time.  After roaming and searching for just the right texture for the floor of this sculpted scene, I have found wood that will work.  I prefer to have a wooden base rather than a sculpted base as the floor gets much use from moving things on and off. One of my interns comes in and makes a rolling base for the sculpture and the floor.  James, another intern spray paints the base a brown color. I like to have everything the same color as the clay that I am using. It helps me to see the projects as a uniform piece and offers less visual distraction. I also think it helps the client to see the sculpture.  James also fills in the cracks.

We keep the tree in the studio for a while. There has to be
some aspect of Christmas celebration during this
holiday deadline.  It comes down later when I realize
the interns are getting dangerously close to the drying tree
with the torches!  

Continuing our work on the Praying Man for Dallas Baptist University. You can find their project blog on Blogspot.

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