Getting To Know My Subject

Images of dogs that are gone but thought of fondly,
 and recognitions look over a dog who love and now have
a challenge of helping the blind to see. 
John and Linda with their daughter Jessica and dog_____ .
I have thought of this photo often as I think of the many memories they have had. 

After arriving in Dallas, John and Linda took me to their home.  I love visiting a subjects home. I have always said, “you really don’t know someone until you run your finger along their bookshelves.”

This type of interaction though brief is important. While trying not to be intrusive and asking permission to take photographs I try to absorb a life time of memories.   I often wish I could be alone in these spaces to run my finger along the shelves and envision a past.  These pictures remind me of another commission of a former professor at my undergraduate college in Vermont and visiting Richard Hathaway’s home, or spending time in his office.  

Pictures of John with family, friends, and a president. 
A face cast of John intrigues me.
I have a book about casting faces
of famous people so the blind
can “see” their faces. I cast faces
and hands, as well as digitally scan
them. My favorite personal possession
 is the casts of my mom’s and dad’s hands. 

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