Going To Pieces

Don’t let this part scare you. It is what happens with every single sculpture that goes to bronze. We spend all of that time making it perfect only to cut it up into many, many pieces.  This part is usually done by the foundry.  My team and I continue on with this part of the process.  I like to do this because I can tweak the sculpture even more.  There will be more smoothing and working with the sculpture. 

Cutting apart the chair to make a mold 
The reciprocating saw- my favorite tool for this part of the process- Off with his head! 

It is amazing how many, many pieces in a bronze sculpture. 

Bridgette Mongeon created this sculpture for Dallas Baptist University. If you would like to read the entire process on the artists project blog for this project visit http://prayingmansculpture.blogspot.com/ .

Can’t wait for that sacred space to return.
The process looks pretty intense, but it will all come
together in the end. 
Reducing things to the basic elements. 
Pieces are placed on tables all around the studio.
They patiently await the mold making process. 

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