Great Article About Art Student’s Mental Health

I like this article posted on the Chronicle of Higher education called Art Students’ Mental Health: A Complicated Picture by Daniel Grant. I applaud the writer for bringing some of these things to our attention. Though I want to encourage all the readers to brows down to the middle/end of the article to see why there is so much stress on artists.  It is not because, as stereotype indicates, we are temperamental. But this short description taken from the article does get to the heart of things.

“They have to be creative on demand,” says Patricia Farrell, director of the counseling center at the Maryland Institute College of Art, “and they then have to handle a public critique.” Critiques are assessments, in-class but sometimes open to anyone in the college, of student work. They can be quite harsh, far different from the experience of being handed back an assignment with a grade on it.)

I encourage individuals who are entering art college to read this article and think about some of the things that you may not have thought about up until this point.

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