Harvey- Local If You Want To Help By…..

LOCALS – IF YOU WANT TO HELP BY-1. Taking people into your home. 2. Helping shuttle people from a point in GO/OF to their families elsewhere. 

If this post moves you let me know. I’m ready to try this.I’m headed down to the GRB to see. ( I did not remember that I had to put all of the brackets in my van before I could shuttle people. Neighbor men loaded the seats. I can probably take 10 people at a time.

I have one child seat. Thank you guys.) I have no idea what I am doing. Plan is, go PRAY. Talk to people and ask God to show me who needs a place or transport to a family member. I’ll post on neighborhood forum to see who wants to take in this family temporarily or for a while. Maybe the family can shower, have a good meal and then you can make arrangements to get them to their extended families once roads clear. If you are willing to do this please post on this post on MY facebook page. Please also let me know how many rooms and if you would prefer people with children, no children or even pets. I can’t always find my posts I post in OF or GO forums. If this grows I may need someone to help me organize a digital version of this. I have no idea how to monitor this. I want our Guests to be safe. Everyone doing this must know we do this at our own risk. I trust in divine guidance. I am planning on taking at least 5 people into my home. Others who can’t take people in and are willing to help provide hot meals and groceries for the homes that do this would be appreciated. If there is anyone from my church Bill Laucher that needs placement or has room let me know. 

I WONT HAVE MY COMPUTER. I will be posting the needs as I find them from a tiny phone. so seeing posts here is the key. I’m going to try and pin this post to the top of my feed and make it global. If I have a family for you, perhaps you can text me on my phone. I DO NOT HAVE PRIVATE MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK ON MY PHONE DO NOT PM me I won’t get it. I will not be able to see PM’s

 MEANWHILE list your availability below: Is it a home, shuttle to others, can cook meals for families and provide groceries for host homes, and pray. Thanks. 

THOSE OUT OF STATE-As we place families and see their needs I’ll let you know so perhaps you can help sponsor that family.

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