Headed Toward Memphis With Sculptures- Funny Stories and Pictures

We made it to Memphis. 10 + drive. Couldn’t leave Houston until Dick and Jenna were completely secure. Which meant not getting on the road until 3:00. It was a long day, but my traveling companion is great and helps keep me awake and alert. Dick fit into the SUV, which I was thankful for. Jenna is kind of tucked into his lap area feet up in the air. That is the way Jenna would travel anyway. I think I can hear here giggling in the back, under the covers.

The sculpture holding the toothpick holder for the auction.
He is packed in there.
We are taking the evacuation rout.
The officer takes a picture of the sculpture. Luckily that means we didn’t get a ticket. I was so nervous I couldn’t even focus the camera.

We counted 63 electric trucks coming in on 59 as we were headed out. I am thankful for them as I was the electric company from Tampa that was at our home/studio the day before I left. Thank you to all of the states that have helped Houston/Galveston area. 59 is one of those roads that you have to go through a lot of little towns. We could not go highway because, well, frankly we were not sure what the towns or roads would be like east of Houston, so north it was. Just outside of a small town a police car stopped me to “remind me to do the speed limit” my traveling companion, Gloria said, “they are going to think we have a dead body back there.” The officer heard her and glanced back and then jumped. She was so intrigued with the sculpture and taking pictures of it that “remind” us was all that she did. I took a picture of the office, but unfortunately it did not come out. I think I was nervous about the possibility of getting a ticket. I did not, Thank you Dick!

Our route was apparently an evacuation route and it felt appropriate to get a picture of the SUV under one of the signs. The other pictures shows Dick and the souvenirs that we bought for him. In Texas he purchased a thimble, and in Arkansas, Arkansas to be exact, birthplace of Clinton. I wonder what Dick would think about that? In hope we bought a key chain toothpick holder. Can you see these souvenirs in the pictures? We are going to give them to the Dick Hathaway auction that is held regularly at Vermont College in hopes of raising money. I think Dick would like that.

More posts next time we get to
WI FI along the way.

Travel mercies!


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