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My turtle watches as I scan a hole in a tree

As I posted in a previous post, I am writing a book Tra-digi-2014 Sculpture: Using 3d software, milling, scanning and printing in art and craft. In one section of the book I am interested in documenting how to scan things in nature and then create 3d objects in the computer that fit into nature.  I suppose I was first introduced to this incredible concept by an online video that I found and played at 3DCAMP Houston 2012. The video created by Greg Petchovsky takes objects in the real world and then recreates them or adds to them in a 3D program and then prints them out using a 3Dprinter.

A rather industrious project that I am trying to do and to record for the book is to create a home in a hole in my tree.  I have scanned the tree using 123D catch and would love to be able to get what I need from using just that program, as it is extremely easy to use and free. Free is good because it is not a stumbling block to the readers of the book.   I do plan on scanning it with my Next Engine Scanner as well. It will be interesting to see exactly what I will need to complete this project.

I’m going to contact Greg and ask him some of my questions.  I will also be looking for printing companies that can help me create this piece for the book, yes, I am happy to plug your company.  I’ll include Greg’s video below as well as a short clip of my results from 123D Catch and ZBrush.

Like I need to make this job any harder, I also hope to create some interaction with the piece.  That means that I want to hide sensors, lights … so that things that will happen when one walks by.  Now to do this part I plan on contacting my resources at TX RX to help me figure out the electronics, and I’m sure that trying to hide these things in channels in the artwork will also pose a challenge.

I won’t be able to update my process on this project here, as I don’t want to spoil it for those wanting to read the book. If you should be able to help with any of my questions, suggestions or thoughts please contact me through my contact form on my website or through facebook.

Video by Greg Petchovsky

Video of my scan and ZBrush

How do you see the color when it is in Zbrush, as Greg has in the video?

Where did Greg have his printed, in what machine?

What is the stability of the color and what products can work outside?

Any secrets to how to get the size to match. I’m back to the idea that Zbrush really needs real sizes.

Zbrush- is there away to create an object that will fit in the hole of the tree, and perhpas use a mask and visibility to get rid of the areas that are not needed?

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