Home Stretch- Crunch Time

It is Tuesday. I’m writing this post from the warehouse. I am ever so thankful  that a welder is coming this afternoon after 3:00. Our job- to complete stripes on the back of the head and then take the head and front paw off. To lift the tiger up onto part of the rock and have it ready for the welder to secure it. Then we can put the head and paw back on. Head and paws are heavy and it is hot up at the top of the warehouse . We are all praying for the safety of the tiger and the workers in this part of the process.

The head can not stay on the body for long. It is so hot in the warehouse we are afraid it will melt way up there. Sometimes I wish everyone had an artistic eye and could picture it together even though it is in pieces. Still , I’m excited about seeing all the pieces
Together, or at least most of them. We will not see the entire thing together until the foundry . You must visualize 3′ of height. the tiger climbs higher than we can see in the warehouse. Our goal- l today to take pictures and receive an approval within 24 hours. The problem is… The clay acts differently at 3:00 then at 6 a.m . So moving things must be coordinated with the coolness of the clay.


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