Hurricane Ike Is On His Way- My Update

For my clients checking in from around the United States and Beyond.
Looking at the news this morning at 8:00 am I am surprised to see some of Galveston already receiving storm surge and streets are underwater. For those who know Galveston the Strand has a foot of water. The Hurricane is pretty far away and land fall will not be until 1-3 a.m. that is more than 12 hours away. So it is surprising everyone that surge is coming in already. Everyone says this will be a storm that most have not seen in their life time.

Our studio is about at the tip of the north end of the star, the foundry is not too far from there. But as you can see the bay comes quite a bit inland. All areas south of that outer loop have been evacuated, and they have been evacuated to Austin or Dallas and not to Houston. Red cross said they sent them to a safe place. That makes me a little uncomfortable.

My question is… if the bay is backing up where does Houston’s rainwater go? No one has said anything about that. I feel Houston will see flooding like it has not in a while. WE are a city of Bayous. I’m so glad I bought flood insurance.

The Hurricane track as of this morning is to go right up the orange line or the I45 freeway. That is the one that goes through the star and just past our home/studio about 6 miles east of us. I think we are in for a heck of a night, and maybe a week.

They told us we should expect to be out of electricity for 2 weeks. Hmmmm I’m expected to pull out of here next Saturday to bring Dick and Jenna to Vermont. I know upon my return I will be exhausted. Not just from the trip but from this week.

Saws are buzzing in the neighborhood and windows are being boarded up across the street. I best go and get more gas for the generator, though our van hold quite a bit and we did buy a siphon. I’ll post if and when I can, I think we are moving the computers.

My prayers go out to those south of us who are not sure if they will have a home in the morning.

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