I Am Excited about The New Year- But Accounting Hurts My Brain

I am excited about the new year. Even if I am still a little foggy from the flue. We are setting up an e commerce site for my collectible series. For those of you who have not seen them you can find them on the God’s Word web site. Setting up an e commerce store that works with the accounting system, changing the accounting system to a new computer and on a PC none the less. I am a mac girl. Is making my little brain hurt. All in all, we are excited about this new endeavor for 2008. The site should now be functional and I plan on spending a lot of my time marketing the site, and the artwork. I am also creating a few new pieces for the collection. Creating for God’s Word Collectibles is really the only time I get to create out of my head. Everything I do is by commission.

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