I Found Shoes

Sculpting the shoes we start with foam. Jennifer carved the foam and glued pieces together with foundry wax and wooden dowels. Then we added the clay on top. It is important to match the sculpted shoes with the real shoes from all directions. Looking at them from top together, bottom together and the side. As I said before compare, compare compare!

Jennifer diligently worked on the shoes and I have to admit that I enjoyed working on them one day for three hours in front of the television. It felt good to work on something little for a while. We are modifying the design of the store bought shoes. I also could only find a size 11. I hope that works. Jennifer worked on them for a couple of hours and had to quit. It is mind-boggling trying to figure out what shoelace goes where. I love working on them and can’t wait for more time to make them looks old and worn

I have been trying to focus on getting everything roughed in on Dick. The reason being is that this coming week is my last week with Jennifer. Smoothing the clay once it is roughed in is a tremendous amount of work and is very hard on my wrists and hands. I want to be able to take advantage of her young hands. If I have my way the entire shirt and pants will be complete by the end of next week. Then I hope to take a week off of sculpting to focus on schoolwork and writing. After that it is just a matter of finished dicks hands, shoes and then of course taking his head back off of the sculpture and finalizing the head. We are so close to finishing! I sure wish I had another apprentice coming in.

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