I Have My Song Back, And I Am Very Thankful!

It has been since before October of 08 o that my asthma/allergies were under control enough for me to be able to sing an entire Sunday service. Normally I would cough uncontrollably. Today was the day! Even though I could not take my guitar because of the lower back pain I was thrilled to be able to sing, and not just one song. I sang the entire service. My voice is weak from not having sung in a while, but it is still loud. It was not loud before because I was afraid, afraid to breath deep, afraid to sing. In the service we sang “Stand up for Jesus” I stood, even with a sore back, and I sang loud. It is a milestone and I am very thankful this morning for breathing and for putting the song back into my life. It was missed greatly. I have always felt that singing from the back of the church while playing my guitar was a little ministry. I would like to think that my voice traveled and enouraged others to sing.

Looking over this past year I have seen so many times when I would be kept from praising God. Along with the asthma there was a span of time when my wrist was bad and I had to have the brace on. No guitar playing and no singing. I thought I would die! I would sway, and had the irrisistabel urge to learn sign language so I could sing with my hands. It has been a silent 7-8 months. Or quieter. Anyone who knows me knows that is pretty incredible. I talk, and laugh and I am told it is pretty loud. Thank you God for giving me air, hands that work and a voice. I’ll even thank him for the sore back. I know I’ll get better. But until then I am extremely thankful.

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