I Have To Hand It To You!

I love sculpting hands.  I have always loved sculpting them. Interestingly enough, if I am doing a life-size sculpture of someone, it is not only their face that must be spot on, but their hands as well. I have a strong attraction to hands. Is it because touch is so important in what I do?  Someone asked me if I would create a hand sculpting tutorial. I certainly will, and will add that link here as soon as things slow down. 

Continuing our work on the Praying Man for Dallas Baptist University. You can find their project blog on Blogspot.

The hands start out as just a wire armature. 
I use my own hand as reference.  
One of the most important things to me are the casts that I made
of my parents hands.  Both mother and father have gone on to
be with the Lord.  If ever you visit my studio, ask me about
the piece of art I created with these casts and what it means to me. 

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