I’m Making My Mac Into A PC, Am I Letting In Evil Spirits?

I had to make my Macintosh computer into a PC using Bootcamp. I will be writing a book and need to work on software that is just not made for macs. CURSES!!!

To do this I called my mac tech support. Said, ” I know this sounds very clear but, I’m a little concerned. I need Counseling, not tech support but someone to tell me that I am not letting little evil spirits into my happy mac.

Of course there is other reason to be concerned. Viruses enter PC’s not macs, now I have to put virus protection on this computer CURSES AGAIN

Also there are certain things in the instructions that say

NOTICE do not create or delete a partition, or select any partition other than as noted below. Doing so may delete the entire contents of your Mac OSX partition.

WHAT? I could accidentally erase my entire MAC?

No worries.

Though I tried it I am forced to stop the installation as alas there is not eject button on the corded keyboard I was also forced to put on my computer. I have no way of getting the CD out.

Till the morning this beast will have to wait. Now to see if I can start my computer on the mac side and will everything be intact?

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