I’m So Intrigued With Paper Sculpture And This “New” Art Form

I would highly recommend this movie

I’m going to have to write a more detailed article on this or do a podcast interview with these people.  I’m so intrigued.  The wonderful movie Between The Folds by Vanessa Gould. Is fascinating. Folding these incredible designs filled with emotion this “new” art  form is coming to life.  I can see how artists can abandon all and get caught up in the entire thing. There seems to be some magic, some secrets awaiting to come out.

As I watched the movie I jotted down some notes. I mention these because they are things I have pondered myself.

“It is like Jazz”

“The object looks Good if the process felt good.”

“It always feels awkward, like it is not going to work.”

“What do I not want to put in this figure?”

Now I need to get the names correct on who said what.


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