I’m Stealing Great Marketing Ideas and Posting Them Here

My other workshop was with Thomas Umstattd- Umstattd Media, “7 secretes of Author Blogs.” This guy is a good presenter. I hesitated in going, because I teach a lot of what these people lecture about, but I thought, “Maybe I’ll get one more gem for my lecture.” Here are some of my notes from his workshop.

Thomas also has this website
Some of these tips you may know

* Allow automatic subscriptions
* Read other blogs
* Use good headings
* Bullets ( look I’m doing that now. I get an A+)
* Short sentences

* Pictures to splice up copy  ( Did that one as well!)
* Add video presentation
* Encourage negative comments

Other cool stuff sxc.hu- For free images. That is where the light bulb came from.
Wisestamp.com- well you just have to check it out.

Hope these tips help. I’ll talk about them more at the workshop on Monday if I have time. We have a lot to cover at the free marketing workshop.

Oh, by the way, Thomas said I could post his ideas, so I guess I’m not really stealing!

Now, for dinner and the evening session.


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