My other workshop was with Thomas Umstattd- Umstattd Media, “7 secretes of Author Blogs.” This guy is a good presenter. I hesitated in going, because I teach a lot of what these people lecture about, but I thought, “Maybe I’ll get one more gem for my lecture.” Here are some of my notes from his workshop.

Thomas also has this website
Some of these tips you may know

* Allow automatic subscriptions
* Read other blogs
* Use good headings
* Bullets ( look I’m doing that now. I get an A+)
* Short sentences

* Pictures to splice up copy  ( Did that one as well!)
* Add video presentation
* Encourage negative comments

Other cool stuff For free images. That is where the light bulb came from. well you just have to check it out.

Hope these tips help. I’ll talk about them more at the workshop on Monday if I have time. We have a lot to cover at the free marketing workshop.

Oh, by the way, Thomas said I could post his ideas, so I guess I’m not really stealing!

Now, for dinner and the evening session.


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