In Fond Memory Of…My Dear Studio Companion, Tilly

Many of seen my posts about my studio companion, not a studio cat or dog, but a turtle. Outside my studio door is a wonderful stream and pond. We live in the middle of Houston and the yard is fenced in, however three years ago when we built the studio Tilly appeared. She is approximately 9″ in length and an estimated 10 years old. I never thought I would bond with a turtle, but I have. She knows my voice and often comes running when I call. Each fall she would hibernate at the bottom of the pond and I was elated when she was a regular site in spring. She has had several clutches of babies, only one has survived.

Tilly has been missing for 3 days. I have searched everywhere and can not find her. I fear she is gone. We did find a gab in our fence near the gate where some recent construction was done. The ground had sunk in. Though it is far from the pond, Tilly has free reign of the entire yard and has been seen all the way in the back of the studio. I never would have thought I could bond with this turtle but I have, and my walks back and forth from house to studio seem lonelier now. My only reprieve from my grief is that she has left behind this baby. I will miss our sharing of fruit in the morning and her coming when I call. I have story after story of Tilly and have often thought of writing a children’s book about the Tilly Tales. People on the turtle forum loved to hear the stories of Tilly.

In loving memory of Techla Turtle ( Tilly)

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