It Has Taken Three Days To Dress The Baby!

The details in the sculpture of Jenna are coming along. Jenna’s mom sent her birthday dress and I had quite a few pictures of her in this dress. I could not of course show the fine netting material that is over the satin part of the dress, instead I put a pattern in the dress. Showed the little satin material hem peeking out from underneath.I still have a long way to go, the lace in the bodice, and my apprentice will come in and smooth areas that I have sculpted. The bows shown on the dress will be added later in the wax, as they would never make it through the mold process, same with the little roses. I’m attaching the photographs, ( as I did this I accidentally pressed the start button to Jenna’s movies and can hear Jenna talking in the background serenading me).

The sculpted dress has been shortened a bit to accommodate the showing of those dancing legs and her tights. I have changed many things from the foam sculpture. The hand positions are still being worked on and for the most part are in the way when I sculpt so I will attach them permanently later. Jenna’s feet are so expressive and I found a way that she bends her toe backwards in excitement. It accentuates the rolls in her tights. I have worked a bit on this with her right foot and like it. But my attention is really on the dress for right now, then I will move to her legs and arms, and back to her face and head. I think she would really like to have her hair now and feel compelled to put it in. Today is Thursday, I feel I will be able to ask for approval by Monday of next week. If I keep going at the pace that I am.

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