Jenna in 90 Days!

It came to my attention that Jenna will be created in 90 days. Not that I counted on a calendar but that along with starting the Jenna sculpture and needing to have them both by the trip to Vermont on August 24th. I am also doing a new sunday school class with my sunday school. For those of you who don’t know I am a teacher, or what I call facilitator of a senior citizen Sunday school Class at my church. I say Facilitator, because most those people have a tremendous amount of wisdom and I don’t feel I can easily say, “I am your teacher.”

anyway, we are going to read the bible, yes the entire bible in 90 days! Cover to cover. It was suggested by our pastor and is really a program that was developed and that we are using. I have read the entire bible, but never cover to cover like this. So As I travel to Vermont with the Jenna, and Dick Hathaway sculptures I will have this other accomplishment as well.

Dick Hathaway
and the bible in 90 days!

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