Keep Creating And Running Into Brick Walls!

This is the cool tutorial that I found on the pixologic website. I had envisioned myself doing the entire building, but alas some parts of the tutorial are missing. I’m documenting my progress on my other webiste at
Column created in zbrush using projection master

I’m working in zbrush and trying to learn how to translate what I know from Mudbox and traditional art into Zbrush. Now, many people say that Zbrush is very hard to use. I would probably agree, but it is also because it does so much. I can see these two programs, added to the technology of 3d printing and milling that I have been studying and wrote about in the mudbox book, as giving me so many more tools in my traditional process. For example, I now can create portraits in stone, and do architectural elements quite easily.  It is thrilling.  I have been working on a tutorial to create this fancy looking building. The tutorial can be found on the pixologic website. But I have added a thread with all of the videos and the complications and problems that I find with the process  on our Digital website. I’ll keep the thread  going as I progress with this tutorial.  I’m including a picture of my column.

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