Life Is A Magical Adventure…

Life is a magical adventure…
Throughout my life, each morning, I have purposely planted my foot into the intent of an adventure. Grant it, now that I have been doing this for so so long, my feet crack a bit more before the full movement, but my heart steps with the grand conviction that, over the years, has seeped into every one of my pores.

Today is the day, where I will accomplish one of the biggest steps in the treasure hunt that is my life. If there is a certain task set before me, I do it knowing that this one task is going to add to the others. It is like flipping the dial on the secret decoder ring that I coveted as a child. They all go together to become one grand clarification. I’m excited about meeting others as I truly feel that they have been sent, placed in my path to help me to find the rest of the secrets that are my treasure hunt. Or, I may be the secret giver in my rendezvous. I might not know what the secret is that I am supposed to share. It may be a word, an action, or just simply listening at the right time. My path of treasure huntings crosses another person. We are all looking for the magic that is a part of life. I’m honored to be a part of their journey.

If I wake up sick, I try not to be concerned as I might be fooled to think that this day is not a part of the great adventure. But I try to remember that when I am well, I will see the magic all the brighter because of the day that tries to shroud. Words and treasures may be harder to see and find, but they are in this day as well.
If there is an obstacle in my way, I try to examine it. Was this part of the magical journey, am I to go in another direction? Will the tools I use and the people I meet to get through this obstacle be a great part of the adventure and give the entire thing so much more meaning?

If I don’t meet anyone, I listen for the words. These are outward words or ones I hear in my thoughts. Many have forgotten the magic that is in the silence. They have missed the greatest tool to help them find their treasures. They don’t realize that there are magical creatures that wait between asleep and awake to help you with your journey.

I try to play often, as this will release those treasures very quick. It is a very important part of the magic. I am also trying hard to remember to stop the adultness and play with the grandchild. These little messengers, though little, hold great treasures to my journey. If I am busy, I will miss it.

I read, or listen to audio books that may be a part of that treasure hunt. When I hear a phrase, I wright it down in the hopes of remembering it, deciphering it and finding its place into the entire enterprise of magical days.

It is strange to think that others do not live this way. Some might say that I have a Pollyanna attitude or that I am not in touch with reality. Others might say that life is dismal and I am betraying it by my thoughts.

I think…
When you open your inbox expecting some miracle or adventure-every-day, when you search for the fascination and possibilities in each encounter, it makes life so much more fun. If others think I am bewitched, befuddled or betrayed, let them think so. However, you may find me looking on with amusement, as I take your words, turn the decoder ring and mark in my notebook for further clarification on this as part of my grand magical and wondrous adventure.

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