Loading /Of The Praying Man Sculpture

It is necessary to make a template for the sculpture. Bolts are
welded in the underside of the sculpture. Threaded rods
are put into these bolts. Holes will need to be drilled in the
concrete where this sculpture is placed.  A template will help
my client install the sculpture.  

Whenever I am going to deliver a sculpture weather is an important factor, especially if it is big.  We had not had rain in a while in Texas and sure enough, the day I have slotted for delivery, the forecast says heavy showers.  

I’m thankful that we have no rain while loading the sculpture up in Houston.
How do we get it in the van?  An engine hoist and two creative foundry men assist with this.

We are blessed with no rain, until we reach Dallas. The trip home is another story entirely.

Going for a ride down a ramp.  
The sculpture is hoisted onto the waiting pallet
No, he is not putting on the prayer covering, this shirt is
protecting the bronze. 
An engine hoist works perfectly to get the sculpture
into my awaiting van. 
Miguel is a wonder when it comes to the foundry. I trust this
man with all of my creations. 
Strapping down the sculpture, just in case.
My template is packed, I have the threaded
rods and we are on our way.

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