Looking For A 3D Jump Suite-Sculpture Presentations

Hard to find the correct 3d model for this.

Working on a new project presentation and could really use a jump suite that looks similar to this or can be modified in a sculpting program to look like this. Not a real one, a 3d model that I can use with a daz or poser model

If you are interested in seeing how I use these 3d models, it is a bit different from most.  I use them in presentations for life-size bronze sculpture, and sometimes in my process. Check out this You tube video or some of the other documentation of my projects on this blog by searching for daz or poser or check out one of my project blogs such as the Evelyn Rubenstein sculpture blog or the Panther Project.

These two things should help in a presentation that I am trying to create

My husband, who also works in 3d, said to post on the daz forum.  He raved about how helpful they were.  Wow, was he right. Within 20 minutes someone replied and gave me these two suggestions. I labored over which one to buy when my husband came in, peered over my shoulder and said, “Buy them both, they are real cheap.” So, thanks to the daz forum for all of their help. M4 air Crew Set by Daz 3d is $12.95 and Toolboi is $24.95

More on this presentation later.

To learn more about this project of Neil Armstrong visit the United In Space Website.

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