This sculpture commission is somewhat different from those that I am used to.  Usually I have a contact, a client who approaches me to do a bronze of their loved one.  In the case of the sculpture of Dick Hathaway this sculpture has come to be because of my own enthusiasm and desire. 

In some ways I am my own client.  This makes much more work for me.  Usually the personal affects and photographs are provided to me.  Instead I have to go seeking out these items. Of course my clients provide the funds,  but not so in the case of the Dick Hathaway Memorial.  I am trying to raise the balance of at least $ 9,000 after my personal donation of $16,00+

 No matter what the posthumous sculpture subject, I still spend a great deal of time trying to find my subject, immersing myself in who they were.  Whether it is like the last three commissions; Patsy, a mother in Texas, Lucas, a five year old in Arkansas or  Jeanine, twenty-six year old form Alaska, my work is finding them. I spend time meditating and searching for each one.  In some ways there are advantages to my initiating this project.   For one thing I had the pleasure of meeting Dick Hathaway, however short our interaction was. I was still able to know a part of him in life that in most of my posthumous sculpture projects I never have that luxury.

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