Making The Rest Of The Tiger

After sanding and a bit of sculpting on the milled foam, we
cover the foam with a foundry wax

 We have only been in the warehouse for less than a week and we are really making some progress. Here is an update on what is happening.

With three of us working all day we were able to put
all of the wax and clay on the torso.  Now to put in detail.
It takes a while to add all of the layers of wax
and clay. About 3-4 brushed on layers are applied
These are my tiger exercises.  Try sculpting like this for 2  full days- with your arms in the air. It will take a few massages
to get the feeling back in my fingers.  Here is the kicker-after we raised the tiger, I didn’t like what we sculpted upside down and did it all over again! 
Remember the tiger is on a lift which means we can raise
and lower it as needed.
Slowly I begin to make the transition between torso and appendages. 
We have sculpted everything in pieces now lets make it look like one piece!
So glad that the head and arm come off easily.
Beside the lift we spend a lot of time on the ladder.
I’m so thankful for dedicated workers!

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