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I have been very busy with my other blog on my collectibles website. For those interested in marketing and the Internet here is a little crash course in what I have learned.

The new blog that will be associated with my God’s Word Collectibles website will have a variety of cool items. A podcast player so that podcasts can be listened to from the blog. I love the rotating add space in the top right corner. The blog is cleaner and much easier to use.

For several years now my God’s Word Collectible series has been at Network Solutions server. However this is a shopping cart, and according to Network Solutions having a blog on a shopping cart is not a good idea, therefore they don’t offer it. ( I think this is the way they are coding, but a different article entirely)

This has been extremely frustrating for me. I know from this Creative Sculpture website  that often more traffic comes through my blog than through my front page. We also have a podcast that we created and is sponsored by the God’s Word Collectible series.
So how can we direct people to listen to the podcast and also direct traffic to our site?
To remedy this situation I have a list of the podcasts on what I call the Host Bio’s page. This resides at I really like this page and it serves a purpose that no other page does. It shows all of our podcast all the way back to 2008 with a description and a link so that you can listen to them. It also has short bios about our hosts.

However ,a blog with my podcast offers so much more. I can post information, news, ideas, and thoughts.  I can also post pictures of my guests  and their books, videos of their work and a variety of other material, so a blog was necessary. Well my only recourse was to put a blog on Blogger and link to it from the website.

Years ago I hired someone to make the blogger header look like the website. The idea behind that is that people would not know they left the site and they could still do such things as “return to shopping cart.” Which if they clicked on that link in blogger just sent them back to the God’s Word Website.  Are you following me?

I did feel like my hands were tied with the rest of the “look” of the blogger blog and was really too embarrassed to post anything else there.  Or to advertise it. The good thing about having the blog is that I linked that blog to God’s Word Collectibles Facebook Fans page and therefore, when I would post the new podcast on the blog the God’s Word Collectibles Facebook Fans page would automatically be updated. I loved this, and I love that people can listen to the podcast from Facebook. The bad part of having my blog on Blogger is that if I did get any traffic to the blog the website was not getting the Search Engine Optimization Blogger was!

I had to have a blog connected to!

I have wanted to switch my shopping cart to something else entirely, but that is something I am researching right now. For the time being it will stay at network solutions as a shopping cart.  Tto resolve the blog problem I am adding a blog with this domain name This will actually be housed at an entirely different server than the shopping cart. It will be hosted on Host Gator. We consolidated all of our websites into one resellers package at Hostgator. It is a lot cheaper in the long run. Eventually- somehow once I figure it out God’s Word Collectibles Shopping cart it  will also be switched to Hostgator. But I’m still looking for the appropriate shopping cart system.

This is a page that is hosted on It has the entire list of podcasts with links to each podcast episode. It also has the host bios. It serves a different purpose.

I had not known that I cold have the same web address, URL or really something similar that would reside on two different servers. Note and are a bit different.

I have put a Word Press blog on my host gator server at Host Gator has done some magic in the background so the blog will not go live until I am ready and I can work on it. I imported the 3 years of posts from my blogger account. This was quite simple to do and was really just a click of the button. I have spent about 2 weeks finding a theme ( the look of the blog there are so many “skins” to choose from), arranging items, and presently, I’m fixing all of the posts to look better. Yes, 3 years of posts.

I’m also trying to work with optimization of the blog. What does that mean? Well I’m simply making use of all of the wonderful things Word Press has to offer to make my website come up first in search engines. That means making sure all of my photographs have everything they need behind them, in the code, to get searched. This sounds a lot more complicated than it is. Word Press offers you ways of doing this quite simply.

For further explanation here is an article by Krista Kopetsky at Interent Marketing Tips & Tricks on SEO For Word Press Image ALT Tags.

How about optimizing each blog post? Well here is a great resource Black Hat Source on How to Improve SEO of your WordPress

So just tweaking each post to make it look pretty is not all I’m trying to do. There are a lot of things on the back end.

I have also not used categories or tags for my posts before this. I will be working on that and posting some hints and helps on the best way to use those for optimization. This is a huge task, but not as big as changing this present Creative Sculpture site of 108 pages and 300 images over to a WordPress website. That is what I will tackle next year. A HUGE undertaking.

Hope someone finds this article helpful. Yes, marketing and spending time marketing is important in the arts. I look at my time in the last week and think, boy, it would be great to get back to the art. This time will pay off. Time well spent.


Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor, writer and educator as well as a public speaker. Her blog can be found at She is also the owner and creator of the God’s Word Collectible Sculpture series Follow the artists on twitter Facebook Listen to The Creative Christian Podcast or the Inspiration/Generation Podcast Click on Podcast Host Bios for a listing of all podcasts Listen to the Art and Technology Podcast

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