Measurements And Photos

capturing reference for a life size bronze
Getting pictures from all directions.

 I don’t always have the luxury of measuring and taking photographs of my clients. Often the photographs are provided by a client and the subject matter is not available. I took some measurements of Eben and John and spent a few minutes in the drizzle and cold to try and get some action shots.  When ever I’m doing this and think, “that is enough photographs, ” I remember that I can never have too many photographs.  Linda, John’s wife, will be sending me some more photographs of John at a different age as we have decided to sculpt John at a younger age.  

A photo shoot for a bronze scupture
The two strolled back and forth as I watched and took reference photographs.

While taking measurements of Eben he decided to became a bit more intimate than I would have liked and gave me a very wet kiss. I felt like Lucy from Charlie Brown and the expression in this video pretty much sums it up.  

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