Measuring Tape in ZBrush

I’m trying to figure the best place to divide the tiger so that I may sculpt him in my 9 foot studio.

Recently I posted about my need for a measuring tape in ZBrush,.  I created an entire post about my need.  I have to say, this is not my first time requesting this from ZBrush, but it is the first time that someone replied and said, “hey, they finally gave us one and this is how you use it.”  Apparently the transpose line can be made into a measuring tape. The transpose line  is the line that comes up when you are trying to move, scale or rotate  an object.  To create the calibrations of the transpose line find “preferences” in your menu and scroll down to “transpose line” and then indicate your units of measurements.

Not only does the measuring help me to figure out the height and division of the tiger, but also aids in sizing the moveable base for the studio.

Thanks to the guys on the Pixologic forum for sharing as well as the ZBrush, group on Facebook.  I get all of my answers from these guys.

Thanks also to Pixologic for hearing my request for all of these years.  I do find that I actually still have to count the units as I’m working. Don’t make the mistake like I did, If you want 13 feet you need 15 tick marks.  I would suggest to set your measurements and then count the units to be sure it is correct.  Missing a foot on my sculpture or even a 1/2 a foot would be tragic.

It would be great if all of the measurements actually appeared in a box when you used the transpose line.  For example, after using the transpose line I  could look ,and see if what I have drawn is actually the amount of feet I need?   In the case of the tiger I have decided to sculpt him in two parts and I need to be sure those two parts will fit in the 9 foot clearing of the studio. I’m working through this, and ZBrush, is helping considerably not only in figuring out the perfect division for the tigers parts, but also to know how big to make my base and and how that all fits together.  Maybe these measurements appear somewhere that I don’t know about but my further request for Pixolboic would be  if these measurements showed up and as I use the transpose tool I could check myself.  IE… Ah yes, that is 15′ 3″ and the width then this is……

NOTE: the way I separated my tiger into two subtools

1. I made a mask over the area I wanted to divide ( control, click and drag)

2. I split those polygroups to make individual subtools here is how.


Someone suggested I try these calipers. Why have I not heard about Screen Calipers from Ionico sooner?  With all of my posts and rantings about a sculptor needing calipers you would have thought this would be brought to my attention sooner. I checked… they work on PC and Mac. Well, I’m going to contact the company to see if I can review these calibers and if they work post some tutorials about how I use them.  I’ll let you know.


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