Memorial And Posthumous Sculpture

If you are at this part of Ms. Mongeon’s web site you are probably considering a sculpture to honor someone that you love or admire. A sculpture that captures and expresses the incredible magnitude of not only a person but a life lived. Posthumous or memorial sculpture is one of the artist’s favorite sculptures to create.

“The process of remembering and creating is not always an easy subject for individuals to broach. I understand all of the nuances involved and would be honored to create this work of art with you. To not only lovingly guide you through the creative process and the recollection of the loved one, but also to celebrate this life with you. Thank you so much for considering me. I am truly honored.”
Bridgette Mongeon

You can see some of memorial sculpture work on the gallery pages. Ellie, shown on this page, has her own page discussing the process that the artist and her parents went through in creating the Ellie memorial. If you would like to talk further about a project please fill in the artist’s contact form and she will be in touch with you.

The following is an excerpt from the artist’s upcoming book Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased- A Sculptor’s Journey Chapter One- Why I Am Drawn to Posthumous Sculpture.

“I have always been intrigued with the story that I heard about elephants, marveling at the bones of their ancestors that they never knew. I remember seeing an elephant documentary that said that elephants that came across bones of their ancestors would pick them up and caress them, passing them from one to another in a respectful but mourning ritual. By doing so, it helped them come to terms with death. I feel that this action, this simple action by a wonderful and majestic creature is what I feel when I create posthumous portraiture. When the box of personal affects comes to my studio and I examine its contents, from that day forward until the day that the sculpture is complete, I have spent time lovingly caressing the life that I have had the pleasure of being introduced to. I turn that life over and over in my hands and in my heart as lovingly as those majestic elephants did with the bones of their ancestors. It is through this ritual and my art that my experience is enhanced and the healing process and letting go occur for my client. “
Bridgette Mongeon

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