Memorial Pose Number 3

I worked on one last pose for Jenna. This one shows a 3Dimage of her trying to crawl up on a headstone and touch a butterfly (indicated as a ball on the headstone). Now it will be up to Jenna’s mom to decide on a pose. Modifications will be made as we work through the process. I have at times had epiphanies while sculpting. Changed a pose entirely even after the client and I decided on one. That happened with Patsy. Even though the client was at the photo sitting for the pose, I called them later and said, “I don’t think Patsy would sit this way.” As it turns out they felt the same thing but knew I was so far along on the sculpture they did not know if they could change it. They were relieved that I was intuitive enough to pick up on it, and glad for the change of the pose.

Last night I watched a segment on the public television station about children and cancer. I believe it was called a Lion in the House . It was difficult to watch and made you ever so grateful for your own health and the health of your children. I watched it for Jenna’s mom, for Ellie’s Mom and a recent contact of a 17 year old that died of Leukemia. These are such brave souls to have gone through such a fight. I am very honored to memorialize these individuals, to learn about their life and capture their spirit for everyone to see, to give parents “continuing bonds” through posthumous sculpture. I love my job!

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