Momma And Baby

Some of you may not know that my constant studio companion and friend is a turtle. This is Tilly. Who if you have been following this blog log enough came to my studio when I built it. (See June 2005 post).

Tilly and one of her babies.

The edge of the pond is still not complete, one of those projects I just can’t seem to get to. But she wanders about the 14 foot stream and two waterfalls to her content. Here she is at the lower pond, which is just about 7 feet from the edge of my studio. And she is with her tiny baby. Notice the resemblance?

She has had several clutches of eggs, but only this one baby has survived, plus another two that I gave away to a ponder friend. This little thing has survived amongst big dogs, and bullfrogs ( wow that rhymes) I don’t get to see him/her often as it scampers under the surface as soon as it sees movement. Probably the reason it has stayed alive so long. Anyway… I receive a great deal of relaxation and inspiration from this pond.

As I was taking the trip upstairs and downstairs to take pictures in the studio of Jenna, and upstairs to upload them to the internet I saw this little scene. It is amazing how much they look like each other.

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