More Ideas In Memory Of Jenna

Notice how each sculpture has a different feel to it? the one with her sitting on the stone alone is a startling feeling. I decided to shorten the stone to see how that would change the feel of the sculpture. I worked on the last one, with the sock, after visiting a headstone store. Believe it or not there is one right next to the Mexican restaurant that we frequent. That is when I noticed the base of some of these stones. It is unusual to have the headstone off center and I pictured her kind of leaning against the stone, the stone should also be rounded on the top. But I can’t do that in this program and would work on that in the sketch. I pictured her getting ready to have fun, to experience the tactical sensation of the grass in her toes, her toes being able to wiggle. One sock off and the other literally being pulled from her foot she is distracted by something else…. The angels! I still don’t think at this point she knows she has wings. I decided to shorten the stone, by the way I learned they need to be about 6′ thick. This give an entirely different feel to the piece. I think I like it better. It focuses on her. It also reminds me of the small grave that I visited on a photo shoot in the cemetery. There is something to be said about the littleness of the stone.

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