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Jamanji at Big Cat Rescue is used as reference for the sculpting of a college mascot
Say hello to Jamanji

I am very indebted to Big Cat Rescue in Florida.Jeff Kremer, Director of Donor Appreciation, has spent a great deal of time with me talking about “panthers.” I have to say theiryou tube channel has been very inspiring and don’t be surprised if you find quite a few of their videos on this blog. They give me feline creativity.I’d like to introduce you to Jamanji. Look real close… can you see the spots?These photographs were taken from TheBig Cat Rescue website with their permission. Besides the 500 zoo photographs I must have another 100 or so photographs on my computer that are downloaded from the web. You can never have too much reference!

I am very indebted to Big Cat Rescue in Florida.

using reference for the sculpture of the college mascot

This is from the Prairie View A&M Blog created for this project.

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