Memorial Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon depicts Shaw's art
Don Shaw’s art comes with me
to the new place.

The move was grueling. Even with the help of the company across the street, their 20-foot flatbed and two of their employees. The owner had ulterior motives as I gave him quite a bit of sculpture that I just did not feel like moving.

Don Shaw, an artist and my previous landlord of 16 years left all of his sculptures behind. I wanted one very badly and moved her. Most of his sculpture is abstract and just not my taste. But there was one that was more figurative and reminded me of a little girl with pigtails, her face a great big circle. It looked like she is waving from behind a picket fence. Now I understand that this is only my own interpretation, but I can not tell you how many of my writing students, over the years, wrote about her. I immediately called dibbs on this sculpture. She was moved in the first load, I had stayed behind at the studio to pack boxes. The men left the sculpture in the front yard of my house. David took all the rest of Shaw’s artwork they were very large pieces. I am glad that he took them. I can hardly believe that they were left behind. If left on the property they would end up in a landfill.

Upon my return to the new house I found Shaws sculpture, the little girl, standing. She was waving at me and smiling. I kind of felt like she was saying welcome home! I moved her into the back yard that evening, not wanting to take a chance that she would be stolen. On Saturday we are going to get the few things that remain, my kiln, some plants and a few sculpture left behind. I am anxious to get everything out. Today when I went to pick up some paint from the building next store it looked like someone tried to break into the lock. The entire place sure looks strange.

On the original move many of the items were moved to the back yard, so I had to bring many things in to the new studio. It was a lot of work. I have so much work putting everything away.

The business across the street also helped me take down this old, somewhat rusted metal beam-shelving unit that was in the back of the studio. I had no idea how to get it down, or how to put it back together. But they helped and now the 9’x 9′ x 4′ shelving unit holds all of my molds for all of my sculptures in the new studio

Today the cable guy came and hooked up roadrunner in the offices. Now Mike feels like he can move. But the drywall needs to be sanded and my office needs the second part of floating the drywall and then sanding.

I need to work on the upstairs offices but I am so ready to get the downstairs organized and get ready to work. That is the update. We are almost moved in. I have been so busy I have yet to really absorb the entire thing. It does feel good to be able to work so late and then walk home. The last couple of nights I worked until I would drop, then locked up the studio, walked past the pond and stream and turned it off as well as the twinkle lights that I plugged in earlier in the evening. Then took the 40′ walk home.

This is great!

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