Moving The Tiger

Well we have moved the entire studio.  The cat was muzzled and all of the sculpted pieces wrapped.  Remember we have to move, not only the pieces, but an entire studio to another location. Our reason for this is to be able to lift the tiger on a wench and put it together.  We still have not sculpted the torso and we need to see how all of the pieces go together.  If all goes well we will only be in the new space a short amount of time. Grambling has been notified that we expect that the final approval will take place in the next 3 weeks.  Then the tiger must go through the bronze process.  

All of the pieces are wrapped before transporting. 
The new space is large. It took 4 people 6 hours to move
everything into the space. But then we had to come back in
and get things organized. 
The new space with a fresh layer of plastic on
the floors and our different work areas set up. 
My home/studio now looks very, very empty. 

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