Mr. Hockett Moves Upstairs to The Graphics Table

The process of sculpting, for me, does not always stay in the downstairs studio. I have taken the picture of Mr. Hockett upstairs into my husband’s office to work on his graphics tablet. It is a wonderful tablet that allows you to draw right on the tablet. I trace the outline of one of the photographs of Mr. Hockett. Then I transfer that in Photoshop dropping it over the photograph of the sculpture taken from the same direction as the Hockett photograph. This helps me to see some of the corrections.

I find I need to move the nose and eyes down. Instead of resculpting them I opt for carving those areas out and trying to move them down. It is a bit of work, but, much easier than resculpting the entire area. The ears need to be pulled up as well, the shoulders/back raised. Then I take another photograph to see how things are lining up, much better. Getting there. Just a little trick to help me see things that I might not otherwise see. I wish I had a photograph from the side, but am told one might be coming today.

I’ll post the revised sculpture this evening or in the morning. Gentleman that he is he would like to have his hat on before I take the picture.

Portrait busts by Bridgette Mongeon
Portrait busts by Bridgette Mongeon

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