My New Apprentice And Getting Back To Dick Hathaway

It has been a while since the last Dick Hathaway post. I have been busy doing my writing for graduation. Still not done, but Dick was getting lonely down in the studio and my new apprentice Florencia was anxious to get going. So I have taken a break today to get back to Dick Hathaway. I sat down with Dick and had a chat, he understood perfectly. Getting my work done for residency is a priority.

Have I said how much I jump around while working on a sculpture? I think it made Florencia a bit nervous. Add a bit here and then work on this section, and yet there are section of Dick that have not been touched and in those cases I force myself not to look at them until I need to or until they affect something else that I am working on. When there are no more spots to jumps around to, I know I will be finished.

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