New Commission And New Technology In The Studio

I can’t say that this technology is new, as it has been around a while. It has taken me some time to get my own hands on it and get it in my office. Usually I am sitting next to my husband prompting him, ” move this here, move that there.” It is stifling for someone who works with movement to try and direct someone else. I am thrilled finally have this in my own office. TECHNOLOGY yeah!!!

I am speaking of Poser. Poser is a program that allows you to bring a subject into a virtual reality and pose it. I took the opportunity of having this new project of 14 month old Jenna and she and I have been playing in Poser. Of course poser didn’t come with wings or a cherub or a baby. I bought these 3D models, along with several poses from Daz. The total cost was about 55.00 for those extras but was worth it as it save a bunch of time in posing. As soon as I get a chance I’ll try to put together a video on how this is done.

The wonderful part about using poser is that I can pose this beautiful model, and then take the camera and view it from all sides, just as if I was walking around the sculpture. It is a great tool. As you can see I am working with several different ideas, each seems to work into another. The one where she is sitting next to the tall memorial I had envisioned her pulling a sock off of her right foot, the other sock will already be off. perhaps in her lap or at her side. We had toyed with the idea of putting a butterfly in the piece. That would work best in the tall sculpture of her standing/climbing. Perhaps a butterfly is on the far side of the memorial headstone.

many of the details like, socks or a butterfly are to time consuming for me to put into these 3D models. But these models are great for me to be able to use in creating sketches for the client. TO SEE THE 3D MODEL LARGER, CLICK ON THE PHOTOGRAPHS

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