Newsboy- Adding Hand And Newspaper To Life-Size Sculpture

More views of the newsboy

January 18-21, 2005
Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon has documented the entire process of creating a figurine of a newsboy and a life-size bronze sculpture. Watch the artist work through these posts. In this blog, she has also included information for students and teachers. In the previous post, we learned a little about how the details on the life-size sculpture come together.

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The action in the newsboy is wonderful.

This week I finished the right hand and put it on the sculpture. I was thrilled to see it come together. The left hand is another story. I can’t put that one on until I have the papers sculpted. The paper is seen both under the left arm, in the right hand, and on the ground. I need to have one good paper with headlines, and then I’ll make a mold of it and cast the others in wax. That way they will all be the same, and it will save me a tremendous amount of sculpting time.

To sculpt the paper, I printed out the masthead of the paper and the headlines. I dipped a real paper in several coats of wax, smoothed it out and then placed these headlines on the wax paper. To transfer the letters, sometimes I cut them in or pinprick the outside edges, and then cut them out with an Exacto knife. It is very time consuming. The cuts in each letter must be done on an angle and then cleaned up with solvent and several tools. Each column of type is “greeked” in with scribbles, but even that is time consuming.

A new headline on a wax newspaper. The sculptor changes the life-size bronze newspapers for those purchasing the sculpture. What newspaper in history would you like to read?

We are getting close to the finish line. Let’s see the Sculpting Complete in th next blog post.

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