Newsboy-Correcting The Metal

April 12th-May, 2005
Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon has documented the entire process of creating a figurine of a newsboy and a life-size bronze sculpture. Watch the artist work through these posts. In this blog, she has also included information for students and teachers. In the previous post, we watched the foundry put the metal together.

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We have just seen how the metal was made, and how it was put together. Time to correct the metal. The newsboy is all together, or almost together. I am making several trips to the foundry to be sure that everything is the way it should be. Walking around the sculpture I circle different areas with a marker. The foundry then can be sure to look more carefully at these areas. We did have one major change. After looking at the sculpture with the newspaper in his right hand I did not feel that the hand was positioned in the way that I sculpted it. Maybe something changed in the wax or when attaching the many pieces. So, they cut off the arm at the cuff and turned it. Then welded it back on again. It amazes me what these guys can do.

Once the arm was welded on we went to the newspapers at his feet. The newspapers were created so that they would balance tech heavy metal sculpture. They waited for me to position the papers and the carefully welded them to his back foot.Now that the sculpture is approved and together they will sandblast him one more time and we are on to the final process. The patina!

Don’t stop now, watch the next part of the process and the Completion of the life-size Newsboy sculpture.

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