Now For The Next Part Of The Process- Mold Making

The sculpture is divided into 8 pieces. 

Once the approval is received, I then begin the next step. Even though I have spent hours painstakingly putting in all of the texture and detail, I must now cut up the sculpture.  In the end there will be molds made of the following.
1. left arm
2. right arm
3. toros
4. head
5. two parts of skirt
6. left leg
7. right leg
8. base

The best part of cutting the sculpture apart is that I can work on the detail so much easier.  For example, I work on the detail on the underside of the hands.  This means that all though I have approval I still am spending an entire week on making parts as perfect as possible. While working on the hands, I found some chord and was able to make a better wedding ring, and give Evelyn a manicure.

Pieces of Evelyn are everywhere

You can follow along with this entire process of creating a life size bronze for the ERJCC on the Evelyn Rubenstein project blog located at

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