Now The Real Work Begins

Many artists  take their creations, once they are complete, like the tiger at the stage that was featured in the last post, and they send them to a foundry.  The foundry then takes them into the foundry process. The first step of this  foundry process is mold making.

Well, we do our own molds at Bridgette Mongeon Sculpture Studios. Really mold making is back breaking work, and I have had several foundries that have said they appreciate that we make our own molds.

Many ask, “how can you cut up the piece, after all of that work?”

It is very simply, it all a part of the process!

Playing cards in the studio?  No, these are used as shims, to separate the pieces of the mold.
Slowly and painstakingly my interns mix a two part rubber and hand the small yogurt containers filled with rubber to me.  I then brush each layer on.
Many, many hours of standing and brushing.  While my interns develop shoulder muscles from stirring.
Tiger, I can see your hand! A mold release agent is applied to the piece.
James works at the mold making table.
Oh, how I wish I had more of these yogurt and sour cream containers.

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