One Last Look at The Prairie View A&M Poses

My client, Prairie View A & M had some revisions and wanted an adjustment to poses. These were sent to them today. We are behind about 3 weeks on our deadline. Once we have these approvals I’ll be working closely with my vendors. Synappsys Digital Services is going to enlarge and mill this out for me in foam creating a large foam armature.  I am trying to secure an apprentice to assist me for the next three weeks of very long days.  I actually only have two weeks to sculpt this to get back on schedule. I am not sure that is physically possible, but if I score and secure the intern/apprentice  I hope to get, I think I will be fine. Tired but fine!

These are digital sketches. Created using a 3d model found in Content Paradise and using Carrara to pose it, Mudbox and Zbrush to work on the some of the detail.  It is impossible to get exactly what we want to see in a large sculpture.

There are several reasons. Just as it would be difficult creating a small maquette in clay that would be enlarged to a big cat. A sculptor sculpts to the eye and how it is viewed.  The eye sees things differently large than it does small, and some things just won’t translate. That is why my client will be asked to approve the final sculpted piece before it goes to bronze.

To see these images larger, just click on each. I can’t wait to get the armature back and work on this.

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