OUCH! Oh The Pain

I have over time had difficulty with my hands as I sculpt. Long days of sculpting or mold making can cause considerable pain. That is why I love my apprentices! My husband and I went to listen to some jazz and we met a physical therapist who sat with our group. She kindly worked on my hand and arm. Maybe it was the wine, or the Advil, but most likely it was her massage. It could have even been that I danced my feet off. Whatever, it felt better when I got home, I iced it and the next day I vowed I would wear the brace all day while I work, but first created a sleeve of a large latex glove over the hand/arm.

I had to cut the fingers our of it. It is amazing how much the tactile sensation I long for of the materials that I use that help me to complete my job. Now I am thinking about learning to tape up my hand like a sports player.

Rest… that is what everyone says. But my other job is a writer. So fingers are still going. It hurts to hit the space bar. And my favorite thing to do for relaxation is gardening- more fingers.

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