Raising The Beast And Adding The Paw And Head

After completing the support armature it was time to put the head on the raised tiger. We had plenty of assistance in the warehouse as well as an audience of people interested in seeing it together. To get the head on the tiger we walked it up a flight of stairs and set it on the rolling scaffolding. One of my interns, James held it in steady as he was rolled to the tiger.  I meanwhile tried to maintain my composure.
With all of the handling of the tiger head it will require some clean up work when it gets back to the ground. The main point now is to get the tiger together and see how it looks.
Then I can make any revisions and receive my approval. 
Once the head is attached we move on to attaching the arm.
The arm is added the same way.  Remember each of these pieces has a piece of square metal tubing that fits one into another.  Once head and arm are attached they are made tight by securing a bold between them.
Minor adjustments. The arm and head will both need touch up before going to bronze, but we are just searching for approval.

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