Ready To Send Sculpture For Enlargement

Zbrush digital sculpture
used as the armature f
or the life-size sculpture.

I have been working hard, looking at reference  and learning about my new subject—Evelyn Rubenstein. I am documenting this process on a blog created for the Evelyn Rubenstein Sculpture for the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center. I’m also posting some more detailed, technical information on my own Creative Endeavors blog.  I have been using some of the new tools in Zbrush. Such things as Dynamesh which made my work much easier.   The final sculpture will be milled in foam by Digital Sculpture Enlargement and Reduction and then sent to me. I will put clay on the foam and finish detail so that it can go through the bronze process. I thought I  would give you a little 3 dimensional tour of this new piece before finalizing it for output.

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