Research- Houston Zoo

Chatting with the big cat keeper Josh

It is amazing how much research goes into each sculpture project. Even if it is of a human, I spend a great deal of time trying to get to know my subjects. You could say I am becoming very intimate with the big cat. I have worked with the Houston Zoo on other projects and was delighted that they would climb on board and assist me in this project as well. They are very excited and hope they are invited to the unveiling.

Sam another big cat keeper talks about the size of a Panther

I’d like to introduce to you Josh Young (carnivore keeper) and Samantha ( Sam) Junker (senior keeper carnivores.)

And of course Ivy is their black leopard- see future posts about the term “panther.”

Ivy is inspiration for the Panther

All Photographs courtesyof Diliberto Photo and Design

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